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What we do

Nautical Elegance is a nautical interior design firm. We specialize in creating functional, elegant, and personalized spaces for boats and luxury yachts. We combine our passion for design and our expertise in interior architecture to provide our clients with a unique experience.

Our team consists of professionals with specific knowledge in the nautical field, aiming to achieve efficiency in every project. From space optimization to the selection of suitable materials, our excellence-focused approach ensures that each project meets the needs and expectations of our clients.

How We Do It

We work closely with boat owners and naval architects to create customized solutions that maximize aesthetics and onboard comfort. Our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and creativity enables us to transform limited spaces into functional and inviting environments.

From conceptual design to final execution, we utilize advanced 3D rendering technologies to visualize the project before implementation, ensuring that every aspect is carefully planned and approved by clients.

Our Portifolio

Heloisa Vivanco
interior Architect with experience in Project Management.

"The passion for sails led me to the fascinating world of nautical interiors, where I found the beauty and charm of bringing the essence of the sea to each project."

About us

Mariana Lourenço
Interior Designer specialized in nautical interiors

"As an Interior Designer, I believe that nautical interiors should be elegant, demonstrating a passion for the sea and personality in every detail."

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Nautical Elegance

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